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Individual Health Insurance

Individual health insurance helps you by avoiding lengthy NHS waiting times and allows you to make short notice appointments that suit your schedule.

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Family Health Insurance

Family health insurance covers the needs of your entire family by ensuring that treatments are received quickly in any hospital of your choice.

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Child Health Insurance

Child health insurance covers your kids while they are growing by offering you a peace of mind that their health case is protected at any time.

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International Health Insurance

Are you traveling often? Then our international health insurance offers you the benefit of our 24/7 support while you are abroad to assist you in a need.

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Tailored Health Insurance Plan

What We Do

Our team is dedicated to consider all your needs in order to find a tailored solution to you or your entire family.

We help you save time searching the internet by providing you directly with expert advice and leading offers to match your budget and preferences to ensure the highest comfort for you

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Affordable Health Insurance

Why Go Private?

Private Health Insurance puts you first! It is specifically designed to provide a cost effective method of protecting you against unexpected health issues and allowing you to have more control over your health care and choice of services when you need it.

Expect the following benefits that will make you feel cared for:

  • High Quality Facilities: Private patients are being cared for
  • Prompt Treatment: No NHS waiting times
  • Convenience: Make appointments that suit your agenda
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We made Private Healthcare simple by providing the following benefits that will save you time & money:

  • Dedicated Personal Agent
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